Named one of the top ten female anime characters by Newtype Japan! Guu is a mystery. Where she came from, and what she actually is are great unknowns. What is certain is that she's a gelatinous, mind reading, magic wielding, omnivorous, short tempered being with a dimensional portal inside her stomach. She's also very loyal to Haré, and very protective of him while she taunts and teases him mercilessly, usually to teach him something about life and growing up.

Japanese Voice Actor - Naoko Watanabe
Watanabe is a veteran anime voice actress whose career dates back to 1983. Watanabe has acted in some of the most popular anime series of all time, including playing Puar in Dragonball, and Tama-chan in Chibi Maruko-chan. American fans may know her best as the voice of Miyu in Vampire Princess Miyu.

American Voice Actor - Jennifer Sekiguchi
Jennifer Sekiguchi is honored and excited to be providing the English voice of Guu. She's also had the pleasure of lending her voice to other wonderful characters such as Yuri in IGPX, Maya in Fafner, Aya in Tenjho Tenge, Mamimi in FLCL, Nanoka in Koi Kaze and Hinata in Naruto. Additionally, she's written ADR scripts for Fafner, Figure 17 and Hana Ukyo to name a few. Jennifer was a member of the sketch comedy group Piso Mojado and sometimes finds herself back onstage.