Welcome to the Haré+Guu Online Jungle!

What is Haré+Guu? Only the best anime¹ to hit the states! To sum it up in one sentence, it's a surreal and outlandish comedy about a boy named Haré whose free-spirited mother brings home a gelatinous, mind-reading, magic-wielding, omnivorous, short-tempered being with a dimensional portal inside her stomach. Hilarities ensue.

Okay, that's two sentences.

In the pages of this online jungle, you'll find a forest of information about the cast of eccentric characters and the series itself. For the Guu fanatic, we've created a barrage of downloadable madness and have complied an entire dimension of places to visit. Wreak havoc on time and space in our fan forums and take a look behind the curtain in our production team's jungle blog.

And of course, make sure you check out the DVD section for information on the North American release of Haré+Guu! AN Entertainment will start cranking out the TV series this summer, followed by the award winning¹ made-for-home-video (OAV) series.

¹2004 Kobe Animation Award - Best Anime OAV