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Haré+Guu DELUXE (First OVA Series)

Number of DVD volumes: 2
Total episodes: 6
Episode count per disc: 3
Bonus Features to Include: Translation and Cultural Notes, Clean Opening and Ending Animation Sequences, Japanese Commercial Spots, Original TV Pilot Film, Dub Outtakes, and other goodies.

Haré+Guu DELUXE vol. 1

Episodes: 1-3 - Run Time: 75 min. - Street Date: 5/1/07 - CAT#: AN-HGDX1
Finally freed from the limitations of its TV series, the new Haré+Guu Deluxe video series takes outrageous comic oddity to all new heights! Haré and Guu return to the jungle to find the familiar old gang, and a few new faces including a psychotic new schoolteacher and a couple of goth roaches. Marie dreams up new ways to entice Haré's affections. Dama goes on a destructive rampage in her deadly quest for a new love. And the surprising announcement that Weda is expecting results in Haré getting a father he never expected! The hilarious Haré+Guu story continues in this deluxe new series that features even more absurd and surreal story twists, sight gags, and slapstick comedy!

Haré+Guu DELUXE vol. 2

Episodes: 4-6 - Run Time: 75 min. - Street Date: 7/17/07 - CAT#: AN-HGDX2
Dr. Clive and Weda's marriage brings baby Ame into the household, but that's not the only wedding in the wings. A most unexpected character finds that love and war aren't always exclusive! Meanwhile, the village elder's chest hair returns, stronger and bigger than before, and another old foe returns to the jungle seeking a unique brand of revenge. With Haré stuck raising the new baby and his own parents, thanks to Guu's mischievous magic, there's no telling what kind of comical insanity is right around the corner! The absurd comedy and abundant chest hair explode at an unstoppable rate in the concluding chapter of Haré+Guu Deluxe!

Haré+Guu (TV Series)

Number of DVD volumes: 7
Total episodes: 26
Episode count per disc (Volumes 1,3-6): 4
Episode count per disc (Volumes 2,7): 3
Bonus Features to Include: Translation and Cultural Notes, Clean Opening and Ending Animation Sequences, Japanese Commercial Spots, Production Art Gallery, Dub Outtakes, and other goodies.

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 1

Episodes: 1-4 ~ Run Time: 100 min. ~ Street Date: 2/14/06 ~ CAT#: AN-HG01
* Welcome to the jungle, the peaceful home of fun-loving ten year old Haré. That is, until Guu moves in. She may look like an innocent orphan girl to everyone else, but only Haré knows that Guu is really a pan-dimensional, mind-reading, magic-using monster with a sarcastic wit and an unlimited appetite!

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 1 Limited Edition Box

Episodes: 1-4 - Run Time: 100 min. - Street Date: 2/14/06 - CAT#: AN-HGBX1
This serially numbered, limited edition Haré+Guu Collector’s Box contains the first Haré+Guu DVD and a bonus "chest hair afro wig" prop from the show’s third episode!

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 2

Episodes: 5-7 - Run Time: 75 min - Street Date: 4/11/06 - CAT#: AN-HG02
The arrival of a new school doctor does nothing to cure Haré's neurosis. In fact, the lecherous medicine man's attempts to play doctor with Haré's mom are enough to give a boy a heart attack! Guu's meddling mischief makes matters even worse when she magically swaps Haré and the doctor's bodies. What's a boy to do? Cool off... with your clothes still on!? Either that's a bold new trend, or Haré's going bananas.

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 3

Episodes: 8-11 - Run Time: 100 min. - Street Date: 6/6/06 - CAT#: AN-HG03
When Guu becomes a fisher of women, she reels in a prize worthy catch, but Haré would prefer that it be thrown back. Guu's unique abilities do come in handy, though, when a trip to the beach turns into a titanic disaster. Once back at home, a terrible, ravenous monster threatens to make Weda into a midnight snack, and the doctor gets a taste of his own medicine when the village hag decides she wants to give him a thorough, private examination.

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 4

Episodes: 12-15 - Run Time: 100 min. - Street Date: 8/22/06 - CAT#: AN-HG04
A pair of Weda's former servants arrive in the jungle to spruce up Haré's house, but their appearance stirs up more than just dust. The odd visitors from the city stir up old memories and raise new questions about Weda's old life and Haré's future. But Weda's future rides on the results of a wacky traditional village game show. And speaking of local legends, why is Rebecca's house packed full of pokute?

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 5

Episodes: 16-19 - Run Time: 100 min. - Street Date: 10/24/06 - CAT#: AN-HG05
Playtime takes on preposterous proportions when Guu subs as a doctor and Marie’s pretend family puts Weda in bed with her old fling. Haré’s only hope of preventing his mom reigniting her old flame is finding another woman for Clive. But the only other woman available is a ravenous creature closer to a jungle beast than a human being! While Clive cowers from his own awful admirer, the village girls accuse an unlikely suspect of spying on their private moments, leading to a hysterical calamity of confused identity!

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 6

Episodes: 20-23 - Run Time: 100 min. - Street Date: 1/2/06 - CAT#: AN-HG06
Change is in the air, from snow in the jungle to a trip to the concrete jungle. After a freak blizzard strikes the village, Weda is struck by the urge to return to her home in the city. There may not be wild animals in metropolis, but the city is no less dangerous, as a trigger happy bodyguard and a couple of video game obsessed bank robbers prove. And a new environment gives Guu plenty of excuses to engage in even more maniacal mischief!

Haré+Guu DVD vol. 7

Episodes: 24-26 - Run Time: 75 min. - Street Date: 2/27/07 - CAT#: AN-HG07
The bonds of love connect beyond time and distance, and bring Clive and Weda back together, while also connecting Haré with the grandmother he's never known. But reconciling Weda with her mother may take a miracle. Normally that'd be impossible, but with Guu around, anything is possible! From a thrilling spy mission in drag to literally turning life into a game, and trampling the city as a giant Guu Robo, you can trust Guu to insure that reunions are anything but routine!

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