Haré is an average young boy with a sweet personality who's burdened with stressful, nerve wracking situations. He enjoys school and his friends, and loves his carefree mother dearly, although he finds himself often being her son, housemaid, and caretaker. Haré's considerate nature makes him an ideal target for Guu's incisive teasing. Haré tends to think about things too much, and Guu takes advantage of that by psychoanalyzing Haré at every opportunity, and playfully taking advantage of Haré's neurosis.

Japanese Voice Actor - Rikako Aikawa
This skilled actress and pop vocalist portrayed the young boy Gen Tanaka in the 1999 Kachou Ouji (Legend of Black Heaven) television series before taking the role of Haré in 2001. Aikawa has also played parts in numerous other anime series including Wild Arms: Twilight Venom, Steel Angel Kurumi 2, Pokemon, Gatekeepers, El Hazard, and Infinite Ryvius.

American Voice Actor - Alex Simon