Dr. Clive comes to the jungle from the city where he bumps into Weda, the young heiress that he cared for ten years before. The consummate playboy, Clive is kind and gentle with ladies, and blunt and rude with men. Clive's personality seems straightforward and easily read, but in fact he's got a secret or two hidden in his closet.

Japanese Voice Actor - Mitsuaki Madono
A vocalist and actor whose most memorable performances include Sorata in the X anime, Maron in Sorcerer Hunters, Seiryo in Tenchi Muyo, and Kain Fuery of Full Metal Alchemist.

American Voice Actor - Liam O'Brien
Liam is deeply entrenched in the West Coast Anime Mafia - as an actor, a scriptwriter and an ADR director. His directing/writing credits include Koi Kaze, Rumiko Takahashi Anthology, DearS, and Boys Be. Some of his most notable roles are Gaara in Naruto, Taishi in Comic Party, Asaba in His & Her Circumstances, Shobu in Duel Masters, Maniwa in Paranoia Agent, and Toyama in Texhnolyze. His voice can also be heard in many video games, including Seven Samurai 20XX, Front Mission 4, Obscure, Star Ocean 3, Gauntlet and Castlevania. Liam's also spent a lot of time on stage - most recently in the world premiere of Sex Parasite, produced by Mark Taper Forum in LA.