The surreal and outlandish comedy Haré+Guu introduces us to 10 year old Haré, a nice little boy who lives with his free-spirited young mother, Weda, in a small, contemporary jungle village. Haré's peaceful daily routine of school, video games, and housework is irrevocably altered when Weda adopts a seemingly innocent and charming little orphan girl named Guu.

After a fun first evening, Haré is shocked the next morning to find that Guu has dropped her pretense of sweetness to reveal her true mysterious and insidious nature. Guu, in fact, seems to be a mind-reading alien being that eats anything and has another entire dimension of off-kilter humans and bizarre animals living in her stomach! And her sole reason for existence is driving Haré crazy by constantly pointing out all of his character flaws and neurosis, wreaking havoc on time and space, and being an utter nuisance in the way that only a super-strong, short tempered, magic using and vaguely unsettling young girl of indeterminate age, origin and physical composition can be.

Created in 1997 by female manga artist Renjuro Kindaichi, the Haré+Guu manga serial continues to headline the monthly Japanese Shonen GanGan magazine. In April 2001, the comic was adapted into a television series that spanned 26 broadcast episodes and two made-for-home-video "OAV" series, all produced by the Shin'ei Doga production studio best known for the international smash hit anime comedy Crayon Shin-chan, and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (Crayon Shin-chan, Genshiken TV, XXXholic.)